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Hello there!

And thank you for stopping by. 

Please allow me to introduce you to my little corner of the Internet. Gentlemen like you rarely get the opportunity to relax: An indulgent space in your busy schedule where you can escape the complexities of life and be the most authentic version of yourself.

This is where your adventure begins.

The first thing you should know about me is that I love what I do. Any misconceptions about why I pursue pleasure in this exciting demimonde can be dispelled here. I am a young woman with a genuine appetite for sex and a desire to please.

As a native Sydneysider, I was raised in a loving family, attended a private school, and enjoyed athletics, reading, and ballet. From my dress to my apartment in the CBD, where I entertain, I have an innate sense of style that can best be described as elegant.

At 32 years of age, I am thrilled that my choice of vocation has granted me the opportunity to travel extensively, delving enthusiastically into the history and culture of places I visit, dine frequently, and engage on a wide range of topics without hesitation.

I believe flirtatious banter is the perfect precursor to a mind-blowing sexual experience. At any entry-level, it relaxes the nerves. At a higher level, it releases that excellent neurochemical dopamine, which transforms life's struggles and pursuits into pleasure, and I am an exceptionally gifted facilitator. 

Described as a delightful young lady, I am fit (I enjoy hiking, swimming, and pilates) and curvy, meaning I have breasts and a bottom! With a 5"4 size 10 figure, I have beautiful eyes, blonde hair, an attractive face, and a perfect white smile. I wear a modest amount of makeup, and my body is immaculately manicured and tattoo-free. 

A lingerie aficionado with an unfailingly positive outlook on life, my charm and charisma have never let me down, and, in both my professional and personal capacities, I have always felt at home under the gaze of intelligent well-mannered men. 

I've often said I view sex as a fun pursuit. And it is! With me, you are free to choose your own adventure. Let's re-write the script. It would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts before our date to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Age: 32 / Ethnicity: I have European and English heritage, born and raised in Australia /Body: 164cm 5'4, size 10 with natural DD cup breasts, green eyes and blonde hair / Tattoos: None Orientation: Bisexual / Education: Graduate Degree / Vaccination Status: Fully Vaccinated

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While my preference is for longer dates, and as such, my rates are skewed to reflect that; I also understand that time is precious, so offer shorter but equally pleasurable experiences to satisfy women, men and couples of all sexual persuasions.


As with many things in life, my fees are bespoke and contingent upon the specifics of our arrangement. As some naughtier offerings incur an additional fee, please contact me with a clear idea of your requirements to ensure that I can tailor to your experience perfectly.



One Hour (intense pleasure): $600 (QLD/TAS)  - $700 (All other states)

1.5 Hours (let's delve deeper): $800 (QLD/TAS)  - $900 (All other states)

Two hours (repeated euphoria): $1000 (QLD/TAS) - $1100 (All other states)

2.5 hours (sexual exploration): $1300 (QLD/TAS)  - $1400 (All other states)


Three Hours (drinks, lunch or dinner date): $1400 (QLD/TAS)  - $1500 (All other states)

Four Hours (lunch or dinner date): $1500 (QLD/TAS)  - $1600 (All other states)

Five Hours (lunch or dinner date): $1700 (QLD/TAS)  - $1800 (All other states)

Six Hours (a daytime fling ie. 9am - 5pm): $1900 (QLD/TAS)  - $2000 (All other states)


Overnight (up to 14 hours): $3500 (QLD/ TAS)  - $3500 (All other states)

24 hours  (one day away): $5000 (QLD/TAS)  - $5000 (All other states)

48 hours  (weekend getaway): $7000 (QLD/TAS)  - $7000 (All other states)

72 hours (an island escape): $9000 (QLD/TAS)  - $9000 (All other states)


1.5 Hours (for the thrill seeker): $1000 (QLD/TAS)  - $1100 (All other states)

Two hours (a proper introduction): $1200 (QLD/TAS)  - $1300 (All other states)

2.5 hours (sexual exploration): $1400 (QLD/TAS)  - $1500 (All other states)

Three hours (cocktails and play): $1600 (QLD/AS)  - $1700 (All other states)





I'm so happy you would like to meet!

Feel free to fill out my booking form, email me at or send me a WhatsApp here


Absolute discretion and privacy are paramount. Any information exchanged between us remains confidential.For those that require greater security, I can also be contacted on my encrypted email address, or via Telegram on +44 7438 717161.

Are you the gifting type? My Giftful wishlist is here and a link to my Beem It handle is here.

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This is a requirement for all International bookings and Domestic bookings at my discretion. For International bookings, please select 1 - 2 preferred forms of verification.

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