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Inside with Sydney

Exactly what I'm doing with my time across this period of quarantine, and how I'm still continuing to enjoy myself in the best, and baddest way possible.


I typically wake early and admire the sweeping views from my bedroom. I live in a light-filled apartment near the CBD and I can't sleep late. When I step out onto my balcony in the morning it feels much more like a private sanctuary than an inner-city hub. I grew up near the beach and waking up in nature to the sound of the ocean is one of my favourite things. I'm yet to find a beachfront apartment, so the river is an excellent substitute. 

I always start my day by meditating. I practice mindfulness meditation on the Calm app – I like to centre myself before my day starts. It's a gift to myself. I think it's so important to recharge myself, so I'm able to give my energy back to others. After that, I make myself coffee using my Nespresso machine and head out onto the balcony to watch the sun rise. Then I'm ready to hit the gym. 

Living in the inner-city, I am lucky to have my gym within walking distance. I mix up exercise with different trainers and classes, but Reformer Pilates is my go-to. I love the way that it keeps me lean and flexible. To be honest, I've really been missing my exercise routine since my gym has been closed. But I've been making do with online workouts on my balcony – it's not a bad way to start the day!


I eat a ketogenic diet when possible and stay away from processed foods. This way of eating gives me endless energy and still allows me to eat all my favourite foods. But I also try not to be too strict – meaning I'm partial to a good glass of wine! Life is for living – what's the fun if you don't indulge once in a while? 

Most mornings, I whip up an omelette of eggs, goat's cheese and ham, with a side of sautéed greens. I love to cook at home when I have the time. Sometimes I'll experiment with a more intricate breakfast.

When I'm finished eating, I shower and wash my hair. After moisturising to keep my skin silky smooth, I always apply a scent – my favourites are Chanel Gabriele and Byredo Gypsy Water. My daily makeup is minimal. I pride myself on clear complexion and think it always looks better when it's fresh during the day. I save the smouldering eyes and red lips for dinner dates. Then, I'll slip into my outfit for the day. Depending on my plans, I'll choose either a Lululemon set or a figure-hugging dress or fun Zimmermann playsuit paired with Ancient Greek sandals.

Of late, I've been swapping my Lululemon for Louboutin's with a matching lingerie ensemble, ready for an early virtual date. It might not be your typical work from home routine, but trust me, it's a lot more fun. Morning sex is a favourite of mine, and I'm really missing waking up next to a lover after an adventurous overnight date. Naughty phone calls have been satiating me (just!)


I prefer to stay away from social media in the morning, but once it hits 9am I'm ready to focus. I check The New York Times, before opening my emails. I like to have music playing in the background. I'm told my tastes are varied, but I just pick what suits my mood at the time (be it Hungarian composer, Franz Liszt or The Rolling Stones). Other favourites of mine are Eddie Vedder, Jeff Buckley and Led Zeppelin.

Every day is different, but if I have a spare minute, I'll spend some time editing my website or planning an upcoming photoshoot. I love the excitement of planning new photos (though it's increasingly difficult with the current restrictions). Still, I've been bookmarking possible locations and outfits. It's always a challenge to hit just the right balance of sensual and sexy yet elegant and tasteful – I'm constantly debating about what photos my clients like best.


If I'm lucky, lunch is at a reasonable time (think salmon and steamed vegetables or sashimi). 

If I'm luckier, I'll have a lunchtime phone date. It's the perfect time for a break (you can always lock your office door!) Secretary role-play is my favourite. I love to walk around my apartment and act out every part (yes, EVERY part). Most recently, I’ve been making my clients cum in under 30 minutes and I can't help feeling a tad proud 💪🏼 💦


I enjoy going for a bike ride along the river in the afternoon. While I'm out, I schedule in a virtual phone chat for the evening. He has suggested getting to know each other over wine and charcuterie, so I swing by the market on my way home.


In the evenings, I like to enjoy a relaxing bath. Pouring my favourite bath oil (Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil by Ren) and lighting candles helps me unwind. It's not so much about the bath, but more that I'm taking a moment for myself. I've never been a Netflix addict, but at the encouragement of a few friends, I've recently been enjoying Ozark and Mindhunter while I relax. 

Sometimes, if I'm feeling cheeky, I might reply to a few saucy text messages while I'm in the bath or flirt on Skype with a glass of champagne in hand. There's always a danger to this though – I can get carried away, and before you know it, my bath is done and I'm slipping into a robe to enjoy myself on my bed - in the most wicked way.


I love going through my beauty rituals before bed, such as exfoliating my skin and blow-drying my hair. I always feel sexier when I look my best. I've always been meticulous in self-maintenance – to me it's a form of self-care. 

I've taken pleasure in designing my bedroom as a sanctuary for myself. I'll put my phone away before I slip on some silk pyjamas in my walk-in wardrobe and slide into fresh white sheets in bed. I try to read more than be on my phone in bed. I enjoy reading (currently, The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende and Shoe Dog by Phil Knight) or listening to podcast before I sleep. If I'm not sneaking out for an evening rendezvous, I'll be in bed by 10 (as I said, morning sex is my favourite!)


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