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Your Sweet Escape

While I love a naughty afternoon rendezvous in bed, there’s something to be said about building a connection over an evening together. A reservation at your favourite restaurant booked thoughtfully in advance. A hotel bed with crisp white sheets, waiting to be dishevelled. The morning after, with knowing, flirtatious glances over hot coffee or tea.

Dinner isn’t everything, but it can be a highlight of a romantic evening. The relationship between food and romance is a long one. There’s something special about setting aside time to be with each other. It’s therapeutic: an excuse to talk, reflect, and laugh. A connection can be established that isn’t always accessible in a mere hour together.

And for those who find themselves nervous: an evening together can be a chance for us to melt into each other, rather than rushing straight to the bedroom. Taking the time to eat together allows us to naturally unfold into each other’s company. We relax and become curious, and if the moment allows, our guards come down as we connect like old friends or lovers.

If you prefer to dine in private, I can create the ultimate at-home date experience. Courtesy of Masterclass, I’ve recently been taking cooking lessons from Michelin-star chefs Massimo Bottura and Wolfgang Puck. Enjoy some flirty, teasing banter with the chef (dressed as per your request!), and relish the fact you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our evening together doesn’t necessarily have to involve a fancy restaurant, though it certainly could. An evening at an intimate restaurant can allow us to converse without interruptions in an atmosphere that matches the occasion. (I’ve included some favourite restaurants below for those who wish to explore the idea of building a deeper connection over an evening).

After dinner, in the privacy of our room, we can slip into the plush cotton sheets together. The flirting, the teasing banter, the intimacy that has built up over the evening together .. A romantic dinner is the ultimate foreplay.

If you’re seeking something more, perhaps you’d like to spend the night?

Waking up together can be wonderfully intimate. We can relish the morning after by ordering coffee or tea (pick your poison) to our room, or I can slip on a fresh, flirty outfit so we can enjoy a morning meal out together—a knowing kiss before we say goodbye. Or perhaps more than a kiss? After all, I’ve mentioned before how much I love morning sexWhy You Should Have A Dinner Date With A Brisbane Escort

Why I Love Dinner Dates As A Brisbane Escort


NOMAD [Melbourne CBD]

Nick & Nora's [Melbourne CBD]

Kisume [Melbourne CBD]

Osteria Ilariia [Melbourne CBD]

The Estelle [Northcote]

Atlas Dining [South Yarra]

Ten Minutes by Tractor [Mornington Peninsula]

Cumulus Inc [Melbourne CBD]


e'cco Bistro [Newstead]

Julius Pizzaria [South Brisbane]

Sake [Eagle Street Pier]

SK Steak [Fortitude Valley]

Drum Dining [Newstead]

Rice Boi [Mooloolaba]

Rick Shores [Burleigh Heads]


The Apollo [Potts Point]

Firedoor Restaurant [Sydney CBD]

Ester [Chippendale]

Restaurant Hubert [Sydney CBD]

Sean's [Bondi Beach]

Botswana Butchery [Sydney CBD]

The Butler [Potts Point]

Cho Cho San [Potts Point]


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