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“It is not sex that gives the pleasure but the lover” ~ Marge Piercy Let us be clear, the mere fact that you are reading this, is a testament to a desire that exceeds the ordinary. Sydney is extraordinary indeed. A woman of intellect and quite staggering physical appearance. Fear not, when you do finally get to see her face, it will not disappoint. It is the final piece in a beautiful puzzle. Her appreciation of discretion is second to none, an art of her craft that she takes deeply seriously with a combination of being on-time and dressed as any other traveling business woman. Furthermore, she is serious about the experience that one may desire. She takes care of the details that make all the difference; a delicate perfume, a range of elegant lingerie and camisoles, and if one chooses her naughtier experience, a few sleek toys find their way into the tangle. A more professional booking experience one could not hope to imagine, with discreet payment options sure to provide suitable disguise. I saw her in a 5-star hotel in-call on one of her tours and found myself in an executive, well-appointed suite with classical music gently filling the room. A beautiful woman in a very well chosen beautiful room. The time with Sydney? Well, that’s something that stays between us, but suffice to say, she is a skilled practitioner and I left with lingering memories of fantasies fulfilled. She paced our time together so that not a single moment was wasted. If you are looking for an elite experience, look no further than Ms Sydney.

- Wolf, 2019

I had the pleasure of spending 90 minutes with Sydney on her recent tour. This review is written only 45 minutes after I left, so forgive me if I gush! To start from the beginning, Sydney opened the door and immediately I realised that the photos don't do her justice, she is stunning, immaculately turned out and looking like the sophisticated woman of my dreams! I should say that I'm writing this review primarily for others who were like me, first timers, terrified of turning up at the door of a hotel to find a rough looking, worn out girl who you'd cross the street to avoid normally. It seems that almost every review I read said how amazingly beautiful the girls are, but part of me deep down (I'm not proud of this mind you) always wondered, 'well if the guy writing the review is a 50/60 something bloke who's been married for 30 years, surely ANYONE under the age of 40 is going to look amazing?' Well I'm only 26, I'm in shape, very well educated and suffices to say (again, not bragging just trying to give context guys!) I can pick up a girl and take her home. So when I say that Sydney is the kind of girl you'd see in a bar and be scared to approach because she's that good looking, please understand that I mean it. She's in her early-thirties, sporting blonde hair and beautiful tanned skin. I was a first timer, so I was very nervous and she did a superb job of putting me at ease, giving me a glass of wine and sitting and chatting about everything and nothing in particular. Before I knew it half an hour had passed and we were still just chatting. I don't say this to make it sound like Sydney was trying to kill time talking, just that she was a great listener, obviously a very clued on girl and very bright and cheery without coming across like a bimbo. I had a quick shower and moved back to the bedroom where we started to kiss and then made our way to the bed. Her skin is like silk, I know that's a cliche, but its true. And now to the part of the review I'm dreading. Sydney started to go down on me and I'm only admitting this through the anonymity of the internet, but within perhaps 15/20 seconds, while still not even hard, I came. I came hard. Being the gentleman that I am, I made the appropriate noises and Sydney got clear in time (which she thanked me for) but I then started really wishing the earth would open up and swallow me. How embarrassing, I'd finally plucked up the courage to visit an escort and I got half an hour of conversation and a 15 second blow-job before it was all over. What can I say in my defence? Well it's been many many months since I've had a break from work long enough to get any action, and Sydney could have sucked my eyelashes out. Never had a blow-job that powerful (and that is the most appropriate word) in my wife. Doubt I ever will again! Like a true professional, Sydney was very good about it, made a little joke to lighten the mood (not that I was crying about it, but no doubt I was blushing bright fire-engine red) and seamless slipped into something alluring, lounged on the bed with me and without missing a beat, picked up our conversation from earlier. I started talking again, and after a few minutes, Sydney mentioned that there was half an hour left, what would I like to do? I suggested a second go to try and recover a bit of lost pride, and she was happy to oblige. So we started off with her going down on me again, and what do you know, her unbelievable technique has me up and running in no time. I then moved to return the favour and only stopped enjoying her beautifully shaved regions when she squealed for me to stop. I was happy that I was starting to get some credit back. Sydney then went down on me again, made sure everything was ready to roll and I suited up and climbed on top. Let's say I was able to put in a decent showing. After I'd finished, she suggested that I'd definitely restored the lost pride, I suggested that it was probably a 1-1 draw. It's very clear that this girl LOVES sex, not because she wants you to think that, but because she really does - an above average libido were her words, I wouldn't disagree. Another brief shower, a kiss and I was out the door, floating on a cloud. So gentlemen, there you have it - my amazing experience with Sydney. Wouldn't trade it for the world - a lady like this is exactly what I was after - beautiful (genuinely young, stunning figure, very sweet face) with an amazing body - her profile mentioned how perfect her breasts are - she isn't lying - I could have spend hours just enjoying looking at them! I can't decide if I should be upset that Sydney is based in another state, far from me. It's a shame that I won't see her often - but like everything beautiful in life, it's often enjoyed in small morsels.

- Hunter, 2022

So many things to be said after an amazing evening with an even more amazing woman. I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with Sydney this past week and am still buzzing from our time together. A fantastic, down to earth young lady with whom I shared a lovely evening of food, conversation, and fantastic follow ups. We enjoyed some amazing views together, and having her with me helped create a few more amazing views that will be etched well into the memory. Sydney thanks again for the time we spent together and I definitely look forward to spending time with you again when the opportunity presents itself.

- John, 2020

Hello Sydney, Thanks for an enchanting evening, and for introducing me to a new world of companionship. Dinner was wonderful, and the dessert even better. You are an intelligent and intriguing young woman who offers an exquisite blend of refinement and raunchiness (meant in the most positive way!), all put together in an elegant package that is both beautiful and sexy. I think we were both a little surprised by how quickly our time together flew by--it was midnight before we knew it! I couldn't have asked for a better or truer sensei to initiate me. Keith

- Keith, 2019

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